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    2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.
    3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
    4. Chose 5 people and put their icon in your journal. 
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Facts about me:

My main favorite color is light blue,

I LOVE drawing with a passion,

My family has 3 cats, 2 rabbits and one dog,

favorite cookies so far are snickerdoodles,

My absolute FAVORITE gaming system is Gamecube (even though the graphics are kinda meh compared to what we have today)

I have thick curly hair,

I love sparkly, fluffy things

Platonic relationships between characters are my fave thing to read/see/ and draw.

the first character I ever design and is my main OC is Midnight Bloom

I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers.


-Favorite animal? >:3=cats 
-what is your Favorite meme? = uhhh its either the 'hold my flower' meme or the new 'it's not gay if he's dead' meme.
-what you do when you are bored?= depends, play video games, write/draw, or go on the internet.
-what is your favorite word? =I don't even know if I have one but I gonna create a new one right here and now: fluffalicious 
-which was the last song you listened? .3. =Stronger than you, Steven Universe
-what is your favorite drink? >u<= usually in the winter it's hot chocolate, but lately my everyday drink is a hot ponyo.
-what thing you have never doing?= Flying?
-how are you today? :D (Big Grin) =fair so far, but the day's still young so we'll see.
-horror movies or action movies? >:3 *evil laugh*=never seen a horror one so action all the way :3
-what are you thinking when you are drawing? :3=depends on what I'm drawing. 

My Questions:

Have a favorite Transformer?
if you were to go into battle, which weapon would you choose?
favorite color?
if you could have any ability, what would it be?
ever read a fanfic before? and if so do you like regular stories or crossovers more?
when you hear the word anime, what do you think/what character do you think of?
Favorite crossover?
dream job?
favorite book?
have a companion/pet?




Midnight (online name only :P)
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
1999, June 13.
Wants to animate, write books, and hopes to inspire others to let their imaginative mind expand into something greater.

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Character + shading
Cuddle Kitties by MidnightsBloom
Candy floss like headshot by MidnightsBloom
Sipping cocoa are we deary?~Art Trade! by MidnightsBloom
Commission~has pastel colors by MidnightsBloom
Birthday gift for my sis. by MidnightsBloom
character will include clean lineart (which means it would be smooth and not be bumpy) and shading. additional shading as seen here Commission~has pastel colors by MidnightsBloom, will be 20+ extra as well as additional characters. 
Character with HQ background
Something like Paradise by MidnightsBloom
Flip that board! by MidnightsBloom
ectoplasm and SWENA energy by MidnightsBloom
Dew cream at the horizon by MidnightsBloom
Star gaze by MidnightsBloom
Collab with MiniSweetGhostGirl- MerDanny by MidnightsBloom
Character will include shading, with the option of the character interacting with an object as seen with 'Flip that board!', additional characters are 20 points. You decide the background and I'll draw to the best of my ability, pictures above show the best backgrounds I created so far.
Pose in leap mode adopts
Pose in leap mode Missy by MidnightsBloom
Pose In Leap Mode Dewcream! by MidnightsBloom
Pose in leap mode Ampheoxus by MidnightsBloom
Pose In leap mode Midnight Bloom! by MidnightsBloom
pose in leap mode Bella! by MidnightsBloom
pose in leap mode Splash! by MidnightsBloom
Custom 'Pose in leap mode' adopt, mutations are available to fit with your feline character.
Chibi/Paper child commission
Milkshake the chibi by MidnightsBloom
H.V. Midnight with dyed tiped hair paper child by MidnightsBloom
Bonus Character gift for pearl jamais! by MidnightsBloom
Keeping his scarf close by MidnightsBloom
Within the colorful leaves by MidnightsBloom
Paper child group by MidnightsBloom
a chibi drawing or a Paper child which includes a three picture photo shoot with different RL scenery. 


MidnightsBloom has started a donation pool!
97 / 2,500
to get a premium account or for the new headphones I want. Donations are greatly appreciated! also, if you like my art, you can donate if you want ^^

FREE Commission:Open Button by KimmyPeaches

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